Wednesday, November 20, 2013

O'reilly's Pinot Gris

O'Reilly's Pinot Gris

O'reilly's Pinot Gris

The O'reilly's Pinot Gris is produced by the Owen Roe Winery in Oregon.  Jerry Owen, on the the vineyard side, and David O’Reilly, who makes the wine, have formed Owen Roe with a simple purpose: to produce excellent wines from grapes grown and cultivated in the best vineyards in the Pacific Northwest.  These vineyards are in the Willamette, Mid-Columbia, Yakima, and Walla Walla valleys. Each vineyard is contracted by the acre, with strict controls on yields and vine development. The same high principles are found in the winery.  This particular wine is produced from the Columbia Valley vineyards. Pinot Gris is better known as the Pinot Grigio grape.  The O'reilly's Pinot Gris is sealed with a natural cork and has an alcohol level of 13.5%.

This wine has a golden color with green hues.  On the nose are hints of apple blossom, white flowers, honeydew melon, ripe apricot, fresh cut red apple, sweet orange, and fresh earth.  On the palate are flavors of canned apricot, red apple juice, mango, agave, overripe pear, wet stone minerality, lime zest, and green apple blossom.  The O'reilly's Pinot Gris finished crisp with well rounded fruit flavors.  The perfect Thanksgiving wine so enjoy!

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